The importance of booking the hotel for obtaining the visa.

Provide Accommodation Proof: When booking a hotel before traveling, you can use the booking details as accommodation proof when submitting a visa application to the embassy or consulate. Hotel booking serves as important evidence of your potential residence in the country you intend to travel to.

Supply Contact Information: When booking a hotel, you obtain the hotel's contact information (address and phone number). You may need to provide this information in your visa application as part of your travel details.

Offer a Detailed Travel Plan: When booking a hotel, you give yourself the opportunity to create a detailed travel plan. You may be required to submit a detailed travel plan in the visa application, including travel dates and potential accommodation locations. Hotel booking helps you specify the dates of your stay and determine the place where you plan to reside.

Ensure a Secure Stay: When booking a hotel, you secure a guarantee for your stay during your trip. This is considered an important factor by the relevant authorities when reviewing visa applications, as it provides evidence that you have a secure residence and do not intend to stay in the country illegally.


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